College networking platform

How does it work

Create your college

Create your college page with the help of your college administrator.

Select your course

Select all the courses that is being taught in your college/institute which can be custom created

Invite your members

Once verified, add your college members as the application is ready to be used

Post Functions

Upload files to your respective subject in the form of PPT, PDF, Video, Weblinks.
Create project and list them as your portfolio. You can create project with text, image, video and links.
Keep yourself updated on events posted by your college.
Keep a track on the daily news published by your college.
Instructors can notify students with assignments & keep a track on the submission.
Student reports such as attendance & marks can be posted.

Connect to students globally

You can now connect to all the colleges that are registered in our platform. You can even follow their acivities, members and work together to improvise on knowledge.

Make activities be heard by companies

All activities of the students are analysed & added to their skills through which the recruiters can easily track the best skills according to their requirements.

Post functions

Post functions helps the users to access all the post activities like, uploading notes, images, video, projects, news, assignments and reports.

Social features

Users can find other students and colleges where they can share, communicate and interact. They can even be followed by other students.

Secured platform

All the conversations and files that are being shared with the privacy setting selected will be visible only to those college members.

Track your college

View the statistics of your college members performance in one page. You can track activities like attendance, assignments, skills, results & achivements.


How can a student register with
Students can register to by contacting their college administrator.
How secured are the files that are being shared in
We have used AWS hosting to store all our files and information. With that being said, when any file shared as private to their college, it is saved in their personal domain.
Can a student use for free if the college has taken basic or premium pakage?
It is based on the decision taken by the college as to what serves the best for the students.
Can a student resume their activities if they switch from one college to another?
Yes! Student can continue updating the resume even if he/she joins another college, which is possible only if the college uses